About Us

Why Choose Us

Venpaarg Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a Telangana based Manufacturer of chemicals and chemical products incorporated in 2021. Our manufacturing facility has both the capability and capacity to manufacture a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.

From the very beginning, the company committed itself to supplying consumers with reliable medicaments, combining effectiveness, quality, safety and competitive prices. Indus has a tradition of excellence in quality built up and upholding it through strict adherence to international standards by trained & dedicated staff.


To add value to our customer businesses by supplying Quality Products and Services by the most dedicated and professional people. To create an environment where our employees can develop, grow and reach their true potential in a culture of creativity, openness, teamwork and safety.


Visualizing growth prospects for the future is an integral part of Mega International. Strategic export planning is carried out by the company through periodic analysis and appraisals of foreign markets in an objective and systematic way. It is an ongoing effort to incorporate new technologies, designs and research developments.